Transportation of goods

Transportation of goods


Our company "Custom-Service" has been working in the field of logistics and customs clearance for more than 15 years. During this time, we have accumulated an impressive experience of transporting all kinds of goods inside the country and abroad by any means of transportation. From Australia to South America, your products will be delivered quickly and reliable, on time, and at an optimal cost. 

Transportation geography:

Our company offers a delivery service to anywhere in the world, capable of expanding from year to year, so that the customers are provided with an optimal price. At present, the delivery of goods from China or import-export shipments to Europe is in huge demand. These and any other directions "Custom-Service" provides a competent choice of method of delivery. 

Delivery method:

The possibilities of delivery methods are limited only by the wishes of the customers. Air transportation, sea, road and rail, we have at our disposal any means. Various combinations of transportation and method of delivery are possible. To optimize the correlation of time and cost of delivery, we have developed standard transportation schemes. In the case when the customer has no special requirements, other than "it should be cheap and fast," we can use the broken routes. This does not cancel the individual approach to each client. The result of our efforts is the healthy predictability of the customer's business processes, and for us, the growth to satisfie our customer’s needs. 

What kind of goods are we transporting?

Any goods, From a suitcase to a container or several containers, prefabricated, oversized, heavyweight. This considers the difference in ensuring the security of the goods delivered, their documentary support and customs clearance. The organization of transportation includes the service "to the customer's front door".


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