Registration of carnets ATA

Registration of carnets ATA


Carnet ATA is a standard international document that replaces the customs declaration and is used for temporary import and export of goods for a period stipulated by law. Carnet ATA is issued by the chambers of commerce and industry and allows the procedure of simplified and accelerated customs clearance.

When used:

Used ATA carnets for temporary import/ export of goods for various purposes.

As a rule, such procedure is in demand for delivery of cargo for the purpose of exploitation at exhibitions, fairs, business events. In addition, in the temporary import often requires professional equipment, containers and packaging materials intended for commercial operations, goods that are delivered for educational or scientific purposes. An indispensable condition for the registration of cargoes on cornet ATA is the safety of all characteristics of imported goods and the prevention of any modification of them.

At the same time, it is impossible to issue ATA carnets for consumer goods, goods for single use or for commercial use. 

Advantages of the ATA Carnet:

Because the ATA carnet replaces traditional customs documents, it facilitates customs clearance. In addition, this normative act ensures payment of possible customs payments in respect of goods that will be used in the countries of importation. Also, the ATA carnet replaces a whole package of accompanying documentation along the entire route. This is possible only on condition that all countries whose borders will intersect are parties to the Convention on Temporary Importation. 

Given the undeniable convenience of the design of the ATA Carnet, LLC "Custom-Service" offers services for its receipt in the shortest time with minimal labor costs for the client.


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