Customs clearance

Customs clearance


To deal with all the subtleties of such a procedure as customs clearance, not every participant of foreign economic activity is able to do it. Therefore, the optimal solution in the organization of import-export operations is to entrust procedural subtlety to specialists. Our company carries out customs clearance of absolutely any types of cargo, regardless of the location of the goods.

Time is money:

Everyone who tries to understand the complicated process of cargo registration, will understand that it contains a huge number of nuances and features. Given the significant number of changes that are currently undergoing customs legislation, customs clearance for an ordinary participant in foreign economic activity becomes a difficult quest. Thus, it is profitable to deliver the combined cargo, what kind of transportation to use, and most importantly, how to ensure the correct documentary support of the goods - these are the issues on which the business man can save a lot of time, and therefore money. 

Range of services:

To carry out customs clearance quickly, and the cargo to deliver without problems from a given point to the destination, our company can take on the entire existing set of tasks. It:

  • • Preparation of a complete package of documents for customs declaration
  • • Obtaining of permits, in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Unified Energy System
  • • Customs clearance of goods
  • • Sending a representative to the customs authorities to protect the interests of the client
  • • Provision of temporary storage warehouses
  • • Correct calculation of customs value in accordance with HS codes Places of customs clearance, we work all over the country. Thus, for our clients we select the most convenient places for registration, both in the regions and in the central part of the country, in any zones of customs control.


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